I was called to the Bar in 2004 as an Advocate of the High Court  of South Africa.  As a Commonwealth Advocate, I appeared mainly in the   High Court in Johannesburg. I was actively briefed in numerous matters,   including but not limited to Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law, Family   Law, Delict (Torts) and Motion Court. My specialities are Criminal and   Civil Matters. I am an accredited member of the General Commercial panel of   AFSA and have sat as an Arbitrator in a number of matters. As a South African   Advocate I was briefed in large commercial matters involving Emergency   Injunctions and Criminal Trials involving Bank and Computer Fraud. Other   matters included Copyright, Patents, I.T. and Money Laundering. My legal   career began in 1993 as an Articled Clerk. Our family relocated to the United   kingdom in June 2008.

High Court and Seniority

Advocacy Skills

I was almost   exclusively briefed in High Court (Crown Court) matters as a sole Advocate. I   have appeared before The Constitutional Court of South Africa as a sole   Advocate.I currently hold 7   Years seniority as a South African Advocate and have sat as an Assessor in   Criminal Trials. As South Africa no longer uses the Jury System, a Criminal   Judge in serious trials (i.e. Rape, Murder etc.) sits with two advisors   usually drawn from Members of the Bar. My entire legal career spans 18 years. I have an excellent   grasp of the English language which I use to both good oratory and written   effect.I prepare   thoroughly before a trial and am meticulous in understanding the nature of a   case. I think quickly on my feet and rise to the occasion when under pressure   in Court. Furthermore, I am tenacious when litigating.I believe that a   Barrister should be self-motivated and seek out success. My approach of being   flexible in which matters I am briefed in, has led to my success to date.



I am an experienced commercial litigator. I   have acted as an in-house legal consultant to various firms such as Minolco   (Minolta SA) drafting and dealing with multi-million Rand contracts. On being   called to the Bar, my commercial experience was sought out to deal with large   contractual disputes. As a result of this experience, I am well placed to   appreciate the difficulties and sensitive situations that commercial clients   find themselves in. Typically, my briefs encompassed taking instruction and   drafting various applications and/or responses, often under extreme time   pressure. I have appeared before Labour Tribunals and in the Specialised   Labour Court on disputes that cannot be settled at tribunal level. Such   matters include unfair dismissal and Employment Contractual disputes. South African   advocates in private practice only act as defence counsel. In South Africa   the DPP employs a staff of full time prosecutors. I have appeared in a   variety of criminal matters as a defence Advocate. My knowledge of banking   and computer systems has led me to be briefed in cases involving computer and   banking fraud. I have also been briefed to recover funds and assets that have   been seized under the Organised Crime and Forfeiture Act.
Some   Notable Cases

  • Mar 2005 – Tribunal   Inquiry Death of 3 workers at Secunda Petrochemical Plant
  • May 2005 – Fields   Contested Divorce. Wife in the UK/Husband in SA. Acted for wife (defendant)
  • Sep 2006 – Eviction   Brenor Investments
  • Nov 2006 – S v   Walkinshaw (GBH) First Major Criminal Trial. NG
  • Nov 2006 – Alpine   Ltd v Salkinder. Successfully defended summons for abortive helicopter survey
  • Dec 2006: Nedstadt   v Rossen  – edictal citation
  • Jan 2007 –  Michalopoulos – successfully opposed the   closing down of a major supermarket for disputed rent caused by reduced   customer access as a result of construction works by the Landlord
  • Dec 2007   –Crurshrite (Pty Ltd). Successfully defended a contractual claim for R   100,000 and counter-sued for R5.2 million.


Drafting of Pleadings

I prefer to draft   pleadings and papers from scratch. This enables me to become fully conversant   with a matter in order to place a properly formatted and ventilated set of   papers before the Court. On numerous occasions, I have been asked to draft   complex legal pleadings. For example:

  • Draft an   application, applying the [then] very recent Constitutional decision of M   v State. The objective was to ensure that the accused did not receive a   custodial sentence because she was the mother and sole provider for her two   minor children. Having pleaded guilty she would receive a mandatory custodial   sentence under existing law.


I have also privately  published a work on family law entitled “A SELETION OF FAMILY LAW PLEADINGS FOR SOUTH AFRICA”.